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Rock Kingdom Crossing Bridge Rice Noodles➻Where is Rock Kingdom Crossing Bridge Rice Noodles

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Today I will share with you the knowledge of Rock Kingdom Crossing Bridge Rice Noodles, and will also explain where the Rock Kingdom Crossing Bridge Rice Noodles are. If it happens to solve your problem For the problems you are facing now, don't forget to pay attention to this site, let's start now! List of contents in this article: 1. What character is the best in the 4399 Locke Kingdom’s Bridge Crossing Rice Noodles? 2. The skill map of the Locke Kingdom’s Bridge Crossing Rice Noodles, etc. 3. Where to catch the chef’s rice noodles in the Locke Kingdom, how to get them, and how to get them 4. Locke Kingdom Will Bridge Crossing Rice Noodles be out of print? 5. Is Rock Kingdom Crossing Bridge Rice Noodles worth practicing? 4399 Locke Kingdom Bridge Crossing Rice Noodles, which character is the best? As for character bonuses, if a certain ability increases by 10%, it is destined to have another Ability decreased by 10%. Because different pets are good at aspects and skill attack calculation methods are different, the best personalities are generally different. However, timid (acceleration minus physical attack) and cheerful (acceleration minus magic attack) are generally used. Archangel is suitable for taking the attack route, and it is recommended to add attack character and acceleration character. Prioritize stubbornness, if there is no character that pushes and attacks without slowing down: withdrawn and mischievous. The attacking character is unabated in the second push: impatient, naive, and cheerful. You want to ask Xiao Cong of the Locke Kingdom what character to choose. The best character is conservative. Xiao Cong is a pet in the Rock Kingdom mobile game. It can evolve into Qionglu. Different personalities in the game will bring different attribute increases. 1. Drunken Dream Orchid Finger: Grass-type skill, power 90, PP15, causing certain damage to the opponent, and has a certain chance to put the opponent into a sleep state. 2. Comprehensive evaluation: As long as the cross-bridge rice noodle has good talent, it is still a pretty good elf! (Attack talent 26+speed talent 25+ is recommended) Generally, the highest level of noodle crossing the bridge captured at the Crescent Bridge is 30, so you must at least train the elves to 26+. 3. The skill in the early stage is Unified as Rattan Whip, with a power of 35. It can go to the bottom of the water to kill jellyfish in seconds. Because the levels of the caught rice noodles are different, some are even only level 10, so everyone can produce a few fruits first. It’s not bad to go there. Just brush up to level 22 there, then you can prepare your luggage and go to the mine for vacation. 4. The funny new favorite Crossing Bridge Rice Noodles has no way in the world, and there will be a way if there are more people walking. Rice noodles were originally just rice noodles, but when there are too many bridges, they become bridge rice noodles. If you want to find Guoqiao Rice Noodles, go to Crescent Bridge. 5. The pet leveling of the Locke Kingdom: Flame Charge with Brush Frozen Knight 2: Suicidal power leveling Lucia. Where to catch and how to get Rock Kingdom Chef Rice Noodles, how to get them 1. The first method: Go to the hospital and order Rock Kingdom Cross Bridge Rice Noodles in a crystal ball, which will show how to obtain the rare favorite Rock Kingdom Cross Bridge Rice Noodles, but the quantity is not complete. The second type: as shown in the picture, you go to the crater, click on the Vesuvius crater in the upper left corner of the picture, a small map will appear, and then move the mouse to each small scene, and the pets that can be captured by the current map will appear. 2. Drunken Dream Orchid Finger: Grass-type skill, power 90, PP15, causes certain damage to the opponent, and has a certain chance to put the opponent into a sleep state. 3. In total, you can set up to 4 smart babies to get 4 smart babies; 4 times for VIPs, 3 times for ordinary players. It will take 15 minutes. 2Complete the mini-game to complete the task, and the Mechanic Elf King can obtain the qualification of evolution level 2. 4. The method of obtaining gold forging alloy equipment in the Kingdom of Rock is as follows: Players need to upgrade the level of forging through synthesis and upgrading, and select the corresponding forging equipment to add points. Players must collect certain materials. If the materials are insufficient, they can obtain additional materials by defeating the world boss or completing various activities. 5. Obtaining method: Amy is Lina's pet. From December 20th to 21st, from 14:00 to 16:00, log in to the Locke Kingdom, go to the Lava Highlands, and participate in the login event to get Amy. 6. Summary of how to obtain the Elf King of the male grass system: after New Year’s Day, follow the story of Locke to obtain the baby Elf King step by step, and undergo the test of the Elf King step by step so that he can evolve into a qualified Elf King Rock Kingdom bridge rice noodle! The Legend of the Rock Kingdom Resurrected The Legendary Grass Elf King Appeared in the Rock Kingdom Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodles! Collect all 4 BOSS cards to summon the Elf King. Will Locke Kingdom Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodles be out of print? No, because the level only needs to be practiced. Of course, pets at level 100 must be very powerful. Weekly missions will be updated, basically there will be at least one new mission a week, and if your previous missions are not fully completed, several old missions will be updated every week. Of course, there is nothing like what I have done before. There should be missions for the elk, this is not clear, but the possibility is quite high. A complete list of rare pets obtained and located in the Locke Kingdom. Jelly (from 14:00 to 18:00 to spawn monsters, jelly appears in Fish Bay, Janos Shallow Sea, Janos Deep Sea, and Atlantis) water system trio: Sea Shining Star. Ariel. Not out of print. Locke Kingdom Abu can be obtained in Shadow Valley. After entering the Locke Kingdom, the player needs to reach the map Shadow Valley, and then click on the activity shown in the picture. After opening the icon activity, the player chooses to complete the corresponding task. Finally, you can get Abu. The method of obtaining Abu of the Locke Kingdom is as follows. Kaka Bird, Haguliu, White-haired Lazy Man, Dolphin, Little Mushroom, Firefly Ghost, and Guguding are temporarily out of print. Kaka Bird, Hagudewu, Little Mushroom, and Firefly Ghost, these 4 are all in groups and can hatch eggs. Is the Rice Noodles Crossing the Bridge in the Rock Kingdom worth practicing? 1. The rice noodles are not worth practicing. They don’t have any good skills and their race value is not good. Recommended training pets: white-haired lazy man, Amiyat, quack family, lat. --- If you have other questions, you can follow up or add QQ to ask. Hope to adopt, thank you. Reference materials: Typed by myself, no copying components. 2. There is a price but no market. Although their races are good, but their attributes are ghostly. Demons are very popular now, especially gas, and they will be restrained by him when they come up. Snow shadow doll. Personally, I think the most useful ones are bombs or sober. 3. Worth it. The Rock Kingdom Racing Mika has both defenses, and if he starts this round, he will deal extra damage. The Rock Kingdom Racing Mika can increase the player's attributes, which is twice as much as the others, and it is worth practicing. 4. Worth it. "Rock Kingdom" is an online green community web game developed by Rubik's Cube Studio and released by Tencent. In the game guide, I learned that the role of racing Mika is worth training, and this role has high damage. This is the end of the introduction to the Rock Kingdom Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodles. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. For more information about the location of the Rock Kingdom Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodles and the Rock Kingdom Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodles, don’t forget to search on this site.

Rock Kingdom Crossing Bridge Rice Noodles➻Where is Rock Kingdom Crossing Bridge Rice Noodles

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